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Paleo Fitness Nurse

I’m leaving this page up for those of you who want to call yourself a ‘specific type’ of fitness nurse.  Which you should do.  Especially if you are ready to go and want to start working with others.  The certification course will not be ready till Spring 2012, maybe sooner.  With my WeightlossP.R.N. clients in my Restorative Fitness Nursing business, I call myself a ‘Paleo Fitness Nurse’.  I give you other name suggestions here at
“So, what do you do for a living?”
“I’m a Paleo Fitness Nurse”
“What’s that?”
“I’m a nurse who specializes in fitness by teaching people to simply eat, intermittently fast and move like we did over 40,000 years ago to reduce their waistlines and their body’s need for insulin.”
And the conversation almost always continues with great interest…
My specialty for years was/is keeping bones strong.  My mother died suddenly while exercising on a treadmill and that was hard to swallow for an avid exerciser like me.  But when I found out from one of her lab reports, after she died, that she had osteopenia, almost osteoporosis, I couldn’t believe it.  As I studied more and more, I learned that weak, degrading and demineralization of bones are a sure sign of so many other things that are going wrong in your body.  My mom’s peppermint patties and pretzels and sedentary lifestyle and “can’t wait to sit down” behavior had finally caught up with her. Calcification of soft tissues began to occur.  As my mom’s bones went, so did her health.  She put on weight, (especially in the mid-section), only about 25 lbs., (at menopause), but enough to send her into type 2 diabetes, which over time went unnoticed, which in turn, presdiposed her to heart disease in a much quicker way.   She died suddenly while on a treadmill almost 4 years ago from a heart attack.
This experience turned my attention to the “why”?  After years of research and trial and error working with clients and myself, I learned that the Paleolithic style of eating and moving is the safest, fastest and most easily adhered to lifestyle change for people, all people, who are pre-diabetic (over 67 million+), inflammed and have increasing waistlines and depression.  So, I have finally changed my Fitness Nurse title from Osteo-Care Fitness Nurse to Paleo Fitness Nurse.
I since have adapted this way of eating and moving.  I lost weight almost immediately.  But what was most noticeable was my decrease in bloating, no more allergies, my mood improved, my energy increased and people keep telling me how wonderful I look.  I have passed on this great news to my clients and to physician’s and other healthcare professionals so they can tell others about what I am doing to help reverse their clients/patients metabolic syndrome and mental decline.
What is Paleo-Inspired eating and moving?
Well it’s… (will write more later, too tired now, 8/14/11)

This is me, 30 years ago. I competed. I worked out hard 4-5 hours in the gym per day. I ate albacore tuna in water out of the can and high-protein bread.

Today, my philosophy is much different:

30 years later, I maintain my weight easier by avoiding grains, increasing ALL healthy fats, eating lots of vegetables and fruits and only exercising 15 min. 2X a week. I also walk a lot with Pang Pang (pug puppy). I will never eat high protein bread and albacore tuna out of the can again!




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  1. Hi Lori,
    I just saw your video whilst browsing through the thousands of nursing jobs and alternative types of nursiing.I am a nurse ,I also teach yoga and have been a fitness and personal trainer.What an incredible idea of yours! Well it’s new for me. I live in Wales,UK and there is no money put into preventitive care here.I would love to bring this about but just wouldnt know where to start.If you have any tips and have the time to send them ,that would be great.Thankyou again for your vision.
    Love and best wishes Roisin


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