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Metabolic Syndrome

There are 47 million or 1 out of every 6 people have it.  79 million Americans have pre-diabetes alone.
Metabolic disease is not a disease in itself, but a group of risk factors*.  All of which can be improved with exercise by lowering the body’s need for insulin:

  1. Large waist size – Men larger than 40 inches; women larger than 35 inches.
  2. Low HDL (or healthy/good cholesterol) – Men less than 40 mg/dL women less than 50 mg/dL
  3. High triglycerides – 150mg/dl or on cholesterol-lowering medication
  4. Pre-hypertensive or high blood pressure – 130/85 mm Hg or greater or on high blood pressure medication
  5. High fasting blood sugar – 100 mg/dL or higher*

*According to the American Heart Association, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.


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