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Certified Fitness Nurse™

Hello there,

The Certified Fitness Nurse™  We are 20% Fitness and 80% Nurse.

The CFN uses the 3 Rights of the Certified Fitness Nurse™

  1. Right client
  2. Right Minimum Effective Dose (M.E.D.) of exercise, diet and supplements/medication
  3. Right time

Have you ever thought about combining your fitness skills with your nursing skills to bring about positive, healthy change in clients/patients?
Are you a nurse who is a fitness enthusiast and know that you can offer more value and assist so many by incorporating your fitness training?

Great!  Me too.  This is what I am doing right now.  I am not working as a personal trainer who happens to be a nurse.  I am working as a bonafide fitness nurse.  I work with physicians and other healthcare professionals when I want more clients.  Right now I only work with 3-4 clients, personally, but I managed more clients through the internet and work about 15 hours a week and I make enough to pay my mortage.  I know I could make more; but I am trying to simplify this process for you; which takes me away from my fitness nursing training/counseling.

My name is Lori ‘Minky’ Radcliffe.  I am Creator of Certified Fitness Nurse™ Academy,, and Restorative Fitness Nursing Services.
My purpose in life is to STOP promoting metabolic syndrome and inflammation, reverse pre-diabetes and start promoting realistic weightloss and health through proper exercise and real food nutrition in as many people as I can.  In order to reach as many people as I can, I am developing an internet-based (webinars/teleseminars/video) 8-12 step certification program that will give you specific (not conceptual) answers to get from where you are:

Licensed Nurse  and Fitness Enthusiast with ideas and a  desire to help people get healthier through fitness >>>>>> to where you want to be >>>>>>>>>>>>>
a Certified Fitness Nurse™ with clients who appreciate your nursing AND fitness training and skills, respect and referrals from healthcare peers, making money on your terms and an environment of support and future training.

As a Certified Fitness Nurse™ you will serve this very large group of people (metabolic syndrome and inflammation) with your fitness specialty and nursing assessment skills.  Why just metabolic disease (syndrome) and inflammation and not heart disease or osteoporosis or cancer?  Because of my story which began at the “sudden” death of my mother:

Minky & Mom in Palm Beach, FL. A year before she died. Does she 'look' sick to you? Me neither. But she was. If I only knew then what I know now...

Today, I know that even though my mother died suddenly of a heart attack, while on a treadmill, (family members told me at her funeral, that’s why they don’t exercise…’cause it’ll kill you.  At that time I had no defense, but the comments angered me.), I know today, after years of research (Weston A. Price, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, calorie-cutting, nutritional books, respectable research journals, books, articles, supplements, 10 exercise certifications and trail and error (mostly error) working with hospital health resource departments (out in the public a lot), with physicians, with mostly women over 40, at gyms and clubs and privately, that is was metabolic disease and inflammation (heart disease was a by-product) that killed my mother and robbed her of the 20+ years that her parents had on her… genetically speaking, shouldn’t she have lived as long as they did? 
That’s when I started to ask the questions…
  • How in a generation’s time did my mother, our family get so sick?  What did my mom’s generation do differently?  What is my generation and future generations doing differently today? My mother listened to Conventional Wisdom’s recommendations to eat and move as best as she could.  It is my belief that eating cereal grains and drinking diet soda and exercising in a chronic cardio-state, made her metabolic disease (diabetes type 2) worse.  Her medications, that she took religiously, (she was an RN… but not always the best patient:)) were only a temporary solution.  If her core reason for getting diabetes type 2 wasn’t ever corrected than she would just get sicker; regardless of the medication.  Also just for the record, my mother was close to only 100 lbs. most of her life.  When she gained 25 lbs. after menopause, we thought she looked ‘healthy’, that 25 pounds set her into diabetes type 2, at a whopping 132lbs.!  So I also know that ‘skinny is NOT healthy’.  This was all preventable.
  • And as for those other diseases, if you lessen the metabolic syndrome and inflammation markers in someone and they feel and look so much better in 30 days, you better believe their heart is better, their bones are better, their brain is better, you get the picture.  Everything gets better.  That’s the “Why” in what I do.

As a Certified Fitness Nurse™ you recognize that there are physicians who want to, not just cure disease; but want to find health with their patients, but may not be able to commit to the time needed to counsel patients on proper exercise and  real food nutrition. This Certified Fitness Nurse™ course explains to you in a dialogue format, what
to say to physicians and other healthcare professionals so you can become the ‘go-to’ nutritional/exercise expert when it comes to offering a practical and exciting health/wellness option to their client/patient base. 

You propose that the patient/client’s weight may go down slowly in the beginning, but once the weightloss increases, they will continue to lose and not plateau until they reach their ‘natural’ weight.  They will not have to eat less and less or exercise more and more…because their bodies are becoming more efficient using and burning energy on their own.  They don’t have to snack on carbohydrates every 2.5 hours, to steady their blood sugars (which we know is making their insulin insensitivity worse).  They can comfortably be hungry once in a while.  Because as a Certified Fitness Nurse™ you’ll learn how natural fat-burning, life-long fat-burning, never diet again fat-burning occurs on a empty stomach.  Clients need support and guidance early in your plan, but eventually you’ll taper them off.  As a Certified Fitness Nurse™ you will NOT create dependency; you create feelings empowerment for your clients that increases self-efficacy and continued success without you moving into their home!

There are so many people who need our help!

As a Certified Fitness Nurse™ you are equipped with a 3, 6 or 12-month waist-reducing packages.  The plan is based real foods and severly limits ALL grains from the diet.  (Individual changes may apply for example:  allergies, gall bladder removal, no meat-eaters (but not vegans), a general dislike of certain foods on the suggested meal plans or even availability and income – we don’t want our clients feeling bad because they cannot afford to buy grass-finished beef over the internet or omega-3, free roaming eggs at $3.00 to $4.00 a dozen)  This way of eating is best described in the Paleolithic-Inspired way of eating.  What is Paleolithic-Inspired eating?  It’s basically eating the way we used to about 40,000 years ago.  Before the induction of grains.  It’s also called “caveman eating” or “cavewoman eating”.  It also includes Intermittent Fasting or IF. 
In a recent poll of the best and worst ‘popular’ diets, the Paleolithic -style diet finished last out of 20.  But after the poll that a panel of nutritional analysts did, the most amazing thing happened.  The people were able to say which diet worked for them the best.  The Paleolithic style-diet worked more than any other diet, more than 3,000.   More than Weight Watchers.  So who do you want to listen to ‘stuffy nutritional analysts’ or people, like your clients, who say they would never go back to eating any other way than Paleo.  Make sure you read their comments too.  Read all this HERE
Because of the poor quality of so many ready to eat foods, you as a Certified Fitnes Nurse™, will recommend supplements that best support digestion, like for the liver, the gall bladder, and a great multi-vitamin. 
There is also the fitness/exercise piece.  Your specialty.  As long as your exercise follows the priniciples of moving like we did over 40,000 years ago, you can utilize weights, TRX, body movements, HIITraining, cardio, stretching and balance, Pilates moves, kickboxing moves, walking, etc. with your clients.  As a Certified Fitness Nurse™ you will have at your disposal multiple 10-20minute exercise prescriptions that emphasize a monthly vision/goal. You will be taught how to use video and the internet or cheaply pay someone to do it for you (if I can do it, believe me, you can too!) this will be included in the Certified Fitness Nurse™ course.

We are feverishly working on “branding” the Certified Fitness Nurse™, but not so much like “Walmart”, but by our distictiveness, our excellence in follow-up and follow through, and our service for doing this for the right reasons, not a faceless conglomerate.  Remember you only need to “get hooked up” with only one physician and/or APN for the 2-3 people (but you’ll get more) and some internet clients to get you started. (you will be taught how to start an internet e-mail list, not just Facebook).

Finally, for what I am going to finish with (now), as a Certified Fitness Nurse™ you will learn how to charge by the package (NOT by the hour!) of your service per client based on the value you give at each level of your services.

This certification of a Certified Fitness Nurse™ states that you are a licensed nurse who specializes in fitness by utilizing this proven method of Paleo-inspired eating and moving and your fitness nursing assessment skills to deliver results in reduced waistlines and inflammation and increased health, happiness and well-being.  You will be taught a specific way of doing this and how to market yourself to who we feel is the best market in healthcare.  If you don’t approve of this style of teaching or the methods suggested, you can be a fitness nurse on your own terms.  But you can’t call yourself a Certified Fitness Nurse™. 

On a personal note:  As much as I would like to assist each and every one of you nurses interested in fitness nursing, I can’t.  We all have different philosophies.  I can control what all ‘fitness nurses’ are doing.  For legal reasons and personal ones, I can only fulfill my purpose by creating ‘a tribe’ of Certifed Fitness Nurses™ who want to learn from my 25 years experience of what to do and more importantly what NOT to do when you promote yourself.  If you still are interested in some guidance in fitness nursing but are not interesed in becoming a Certified Fitness Nurse™, I am available for Fitness Nurse coaching and mentoring.  Please check the Certified Fitness Nurse website.  Afterall, you may already have a great idea or a great thing going and you just need some “tweaking” when it comes to marketing or defining your purpose (most important, will save you a lot of time and money and grief).  Also a general Fitness Nursing 101 ebook is being written and plans to be made available on the internet also, no certification with this ebook.

 The prerequisites for this Certified Fitness Nurse™ Course (Spring 2012, may be earlier):

•Licensed RN or LPN
•Interest in fitness, fitness enthusiast, proven involvement in fitness
•Certified in CPR
The current coaching modules to be taught in the Certified Fitness Nurse™ program are:
(During the first, and maybe, second week, the client is given specific things to do.  Eventually, the routine becomes NOT routine-like.)

CLICK HERE (once on page, scroll down to bottom) for the preliminary modules will be detailed soon (sub-topics, how-to’s, time frame).

Homework assignments, your Certified Fitness Nurse™ service/package development and written and practical examination (in Naples, FL) will be required for certification completion.

The advisory board consists of  3 RN’s (an APN), a registered dietitian with a holistic health background, a personal trainer with 40+ years experience, a physical therapist, a Pharm.D., and a physician for this course.

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