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9/11, Insurance questions?

Hello fitness nurses!

I celebrate summer all the way through here at the seasonal Jersey Shore.  I have about 2-3 more weeks of sun and fun left.  I like this time of year here because it’s quiet and I can bring PangPang.

Yesterday was the 10th anniversay of the 9/11 attacks.  I made a point of watching until my accountant’s husband’s name was read.  He worked for Cantor-Fitzgerald, floors 101-105 at WTC 1, over 650 people of that company died.  She showed such grace in the years that followed.  I remember how many people did not retreive their cars from the marinas, where they took the ferries from Atlantic Highlands into lower Manhattan to go to work, as they usually did.  For me, it was the day my mother was discharged from the hospital after her heart attack days earlier.

Her physician discharged her at 8:30am, little did we know that within an hour, no one else would be discharged or admitted on that day.  Later, I tried to imagine the anguish that those people felt, looking for their loved ones in lower Manhattan.  I said to myself over and over again, “Thank God I have my mother”.  9/11 to me marks the day that I felt blessed when there was anarchy and anguish for others.

My appreciation and amazement of my mother’s survival of a heart event was cut short by only 6 more years.  In 6 years of going to cardiac rehab, the gym MWF for 6 years, religiously following her endocrinologist’s orders, and trying to do the best she could… she died on a treadmill, November 2007, trying to live.  She had “the big one”.

But why?  The more I found out what happened to her the more I started to hate these 3 popular terms, “healthy diet”, “cardio” and “low-fat or fat free”.  So vague and subjective, yet so many people feel they are doing “their right thing”, just trying to live, like my mother but it wasn’t safe.  Like newsman, Tim Russert, my mom and many people like them could have avoided that fate of losing 20 years off their life.  Could a nurse trained in fitness as their specialty help people avoid that same fate by utilizing the tried and true waist reduction techniques used in conjuction with the skills of a professional nurse?

This began my journey into what is now the Certified Fitness Nurse™ course.
I reflected on that at the beach today:

"Time to finish up the CFN modules and check PangPang..."

Contemplation is good sometimes.  PangPang is good most of the time…

Is that PangPang in the bag or on the sand? (Ha!)

I got to work and finished up the CFN course modules and started planning this call on Saturday about insurance questions and Fitness Nursing.  I had to answer these questions myself, hence the switch to Certified Fitness Nurse™ when I give out advice.

I was having fun, making the people fit into my fingers.

I wondered if I developed a fitness and waist reduction course, specific to what nurses do in our Nurse Practice Act, then give myself a title, can I be insured?  The answer is yes.

But can I get insurance calling myself a “fitness nurse” and not doing what nurses do in our Nurse Practice Act?  Not so sure.  Probably not as a professional nurse.  But you could get liability insurance as a “fitness professional” with a sports insurance company.  This is what I used to tell nurses who were working in fitness to do.  BECAUSE, you are working as a fitness professional.

We will being having a discussion on insurance and Fitness Nursing with Cheryl Lloyd, RN, this during this Saturday, on the CFN Preview call.
To get the recording go here:

The call, “Insurance & Fitness Nursing”, is Saturday, September 17th, 11am EST, 8am PST.
Phone number:  (201) 793-0051
Access code:  704896# 
If you are on my Fitness Nursing mailing list you will receive the call information,
but not the recording.  Recording is sent to CFN lists only. 

I hope I haven’t done all this hard work at the beach for nothing, please call in with your questions or just listen and take notes.  I love to hear your feedback and what’s going on with you.
Yours in Fitness & Nursing,


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