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No, I haven’t abandoned fitness nursing

So, you’ve noticed the new name of this blog.  No, I haven’t abandoned ‘fitness nursing’.  I’ve just stepped back from it. 

At the Jersey Shore, we have to have beach passes. I've done a lot of writing and researching for CFN over this summer. A lot more to go and I'm loving every minute of it!

I think that it’s great that nurses from all over, who are interested in fitness, have contacted me and have, many have, asked me for help.  Over the summer, here at the Jersey Shore, I’ve noticed a pattern of the e-mails that I have been getting.  The general title “fitness nurse” can be and is used by any nurse who works in fitness, wants to work in fitness and/or is looking to find a nurse-type job in fitness.  I didn’t invent the ‘fitness nursing’ title.  Actually, I first heard the title back in 1995 from, one of my mentors, Donna Cardillo, RN, of Cardillo & Associates.  Which brings me to why I am taking a step back from the general ‘fitness nursing’ title and promotion of that title.

Here’s the reason – It’s NOT me.  I hate to utter that stupid phrase, but hear goes, “Been there, done that.”  Not as gratifying for me anymore.  Maybe if I was just starting out, but not now.  It’s just not who I want to be, not anymore.  I don’t want to work in fitness; I want to work in nursing!  I feel that more specificity is needed, if I am going to put in the hours that I already am and work from my heart and passion in my soul.  Basically, I can’t control what all of you who call yourselves or want to call yourselves (fitness nurses) do.  For me to give guidance and help spread my message of halting metabolic syndrome and prediabetes through nursing skills and exercise, I have to do it my way.  Once you hear that message, you (fitness nurse or interested in fitness nursing) have to decide if you want to be a part of a specific group of fitness nurses who will become certified to do that (help me deliver that message) or develop your own fitness nursing career with your own rules; not mine.

I hope you get this.

I am NOT abandoning you!  If you want and need some mentoring or advice on how to get started doing ‘your own thing’ as a fitness nurse, I can still assist you.  I still will offer mentoring classes and private coaching.  And, when I am able, answer your e-mail questions as much as I can.  But to make myself clear, I am focusing on the development of this Certified Fitness Nurse™ course with a group of other healthcare professionals, in an collaborative effort to bring about the best client outcomes.

I will still send those of you have are on the general fitness nursing e-mail list, my monthly fitness nursing e-newsletter, with tips, announcements and recommendations.  But that’s pretty much it.  You may say, well, Lori, I haven’t gotten much from you anyway.  That’s because I have been writing curriculum all summer for this one-of-a-kind incredible and exciting course!  It took 4 weeks of writing, getting approvals, reviewing and editing, just for the CFN Standards of Practice alone!  Those of you who are on the Certified Fitness Nurse™ e-mail list will receive more often and more current updates with fresh, more focused and even hotter business tips for being a Certified Fitness Nurse™, because you have decided to take another step towards distinction of a profession that we are developing.

As far as the website, I will still post your photos and businesses, if you want to still send them to me.  That website can serve as a place/platform for all fitness nurses to show yourselves and what your goals are.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you can go to and read more about our philosophy and the course.  As always, I welcome your comments.  By the way, most of you who comment on this blog are already of the Certified Fitness Nurse™ e-mail list.  Goes to my point of… I only want to market and spread my ideas to those who want to receive them.  If that’s 10 of you or 1,000 or more of you. 

Thank you for understanding and continued support please let me know if I can be of assistance to you as we all move forward into a new world of fitness and nursing!

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,


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