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Principles of Certified Fitness Nurse™ Course

Hello fellow Fitness Nurses,

First let me say that you can see by my sparingly-entered posts that trying to handle everyone’s individual questions and concerns with fitness nursing is becoming overwhelming.  As much as I enjoy the e-mails and appreciate the support…afterall, I still can’t do it (expand the field of fitness nursing) alone…I am beginning to realize that then again, I can’t do it for you either.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Here I am traveling to 2 health fairs promoting my Restorative Fitness Nursing Business:  Do I look professional enough?  I collected a lot of e-mails and made some great contacts!

I have been feeling great since I changed my diet. No more bloat, fogginess, digestive disorders or allergies. Easy weight maintenance too. Best of all, I only exercise 2X a week. Really,the compliments are best of all!

Here’s the deal.  I have decided to standardized what I think would be the best route for the Certified Fitness Nurse™ in the venue of healthcare.  I am not asking for your approval.  If you do not agree with the principles below, that’s o.k.  You can develop your own fitness nurse description.  Over the past few months, I realized that since so many of you have different goals, places where you want to work, certifications that you want to take, that the best I can do is guide you along your path.  Which is what I intend to do with my mentoring classes on  But for those of you who want a “Fitness Nurse in a Box” approach to starting, growing and working as a Certified Fitness Nurse™, I will be offering a Certified Fitness Nurse™ course (Spring 2012, maybe earlier) based on much of the audio below.  It is an interview with Dr. Kurt Harris, MD (Archevore) and “The Healthy Skeptic” on the best way to eat without causing more damage.  They talk a lot about irritable bowel, auto-immune diseases, leaky gut, diabetes, cholesterol, Vitamin D, meditation and much more:

Also if you want to hear a great lecture, from a Professor at Yale on evolutionary medicine, click on Evolutionary Medicine Review link under the blog roll , up and to the right.

The Certified Fitness Nurse™ course will focus on the best way to reverse the number one preventable health problem, metabolic disease and inflammation, as quickly and effectively as possible, which is to reduce your client’s body’s need for insulin.  To do that is to drastically reduce your client’s grain intake. 
The backbone diet and exercise general principles of the Certified Fitness Nurse™ program are:

  1. Psychosocial assessment/Building stress resistance/ Financial availability / Empowerment
  2. Drastic reduction in grains.  Wild rice and corn are allowed with certain individuals.  Limited tubers (sweet potatoes).  This way of eating is gluten-free and then some.
  3. Pastured eggs (if available), fermented dairy (full fat yogurt, sour cream, cottage, raw cheese, hard cheeses), oh, heavy cream and cod liver oil.
  4. Grass-fed/finished beef, lamb and other organ meats (limit factory-farm meats, income and availability considered), bacon, chicken, turkey, wild salmon and other fishes, nut butters, limited beans (like coffee, no refried!).
  5. All vegetable and fruits.  (Most carbohydrates come from here and the fermented dairy).  Not Atkins because you can have as many vegetables as carbs as you want.
  6. Cook only with butter, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil (low heat).  No vegetable oils (No processed soy, corn, canola, peanut, etc., these are oxidized PUFA’s, listen to recording for PUFA explanation and how they increase omega 6 inflammation)
  7. Use sweeteners rarely – raw honey (small amounts), xylitol and stevia.  No HFCS or artificial sweeteners like aspartame (most diet drinks), sucralose or nutrasweet.
  8. Exercise hard for twice a week.  (But briefly)  This is where you use your exercise modality for your tribe.
  9. Walk  daily (or as close to daily) for long distances; think about your walking in minutes rather than miles.
  10. Only eat 3-4 times a day (Eating 6 mini-meals a day is a diabetes starter kit, especially if you eat a lot of grains).
  11. Medication checklist (including supplements).  Can be included in FNA.
  12. Fitness Nursing Assessment (FNA) utilizing the nursing process.
  13. Increasing sleep and water (as necessary).
  14. Best lab tests to be ordered by physicians.
  15. Marketing to physicians and other healthcare professionals/legal issues/locations/length of programs/what & how to charge.
  16. Identifying your tribe and attracting them to you and your FN services.

(I am currently putting together an advisory board consisting of  3 RN’s, a registered dietitian with a holistic health background, a personal trainer with 40+ years experience, a physical therapist, a Pharm.D., and 2 physicians for this course.)

The goal of this program is to reduce your client’s need for insulin and to reduce inflammation.  This way of eating and exercising has been proven to be the best, safest and easiest way to get your client’s system to start to heal itself, naturally lose weight and maintain the weight loss effortlessly, lower all critical health tests.  It is close to a Paleo-Inspired way of eating.  But beans and legumes, corn and wild rice, fermented dairy and xylitol/stevia were not Paleo foods.
If you listen to the audio and like what you hear stay tuned, because this Certified Fitness Nurse™ program will be for you.  If you are not in agreement with the principles of the program (ie: vegan, long chronic cardio), then you can by all means develop your own program based on your research.  This program best serves the most chronically, not-feeling-so-great people, who as nurses, we can help the most.  Please don’t write me with your arguments, I will NOT change my view.  After over 25 years in fitness & nursing, I feel that I have tried and heard it all, I have a little  big chip on my shoulder, in other words…  I know best 😉  I do, however, respect your opinion, even if you profoundly disagree, you can write about it in detail on your own blog, then send me an e-mail and invite me to read it.  There, I’ve said it. 
Now let’s move on to what else you will need in the upcoming months to qualify for the course. 

You will need to be a licensed RN or LPN, have a current fitness certification (any) and/or college degree in an exercise science (this may change),
current CPR, proof of your intention of working as a fitness nurse:  business card, title you have given yourself as a fitness nurse, website, blog, facebook page, or even letterhead.

Keep in mind that you can work as a fitness nurse now!  If you want to get some help in how to do so NOW go to for the next FREE Preview call is.  It’s like a Q & A on Certified Fitness Nursing, Fitness Nursing and developing your plan for fitness nursing success.
I hope this news excites most of you nurses who are fitness enthusiasts and are eager to explore where I have been for the past few years, working as a bonafide Fitness Nurse, within the healthcare realm, soon to be Certified Fitness Nurse™!

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,


About fitnessnurse

President & Founder, and Creator of Certified Fitness Nurse Academy, Paleo Fitness Nurse

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  1. Gloria Gingrich

    Hi Lori, Thank you for the audio. I have been in fitness and a nurse for a long time and had been researching for years to a practice to model for my fitness nurse theme. While there is no perfect theme, there are always segments of each model that I’ve learned can be useful in my practice. I believe a lot of what was presented in the audio, though, some like “Kurt” mentioned we all have our own theories, by what we had tried and what had worked. I taylor my education with my clients to be an individualized approach and not necessary what works for one will work for others.
    I’ve always believed that foods, sedentary lifestyles, saddness, stress, what we breathe and drink, have a huge inflammatory affect on our systems. Getting outdoors and exercise (many forms of )are as important as rest, mediation, relaxation, prayer (for believers) and hydration are essential for balancing our physiological and psychological composition.
    I learned to believe it more when I took an office job in administration at a nearby hospital. The admin job was high stress, with lots of presentations and demands. I was sitting at my desk for hours at a time, working late, and not eating right , decreased the amount of time I had to work out, trying to meet their deadlines. I gained weight, felt horrible, was stressed all the time and that started to affect my health. After awhile, I realized that I needed to change jobs and did. I saw a huge recovery, as I worked diligently to change my poor habits, which really changed my life. Even better than before, I was more focused on the feeling of feeling better, if you know what I mean!
    I don’t put emphasis on using treadmills and a few other gyms style equipment and teach my clients that getting outdoors to walk or jog is essential, and most importantly when it is snowing or is sunny in winter. It’s imperative to buy “Hot Hands & Feet” products as it is to wear clothing to protest you from the elements. That sun and fresh air are essential, as is wearing the right protection from the harmful rays.
    I enjoyed the audio and plan on visiting their website. Thank you for having the information,. I look forward to more!!!
    Gloria Gingrich

    • Hi Gloria,
      Thank you for your comments and sharing your experience. You’re right there is no perfect theme. In my many years of fitness and nursing I have decided to incorporate principles that serve the most people with the most common illnesses, health concerns and our ability as fitness nurses (certified) to heal these folks, as quickly and safely as possible, through fitness and and nutrition. Not everyone will agree with my decision to take this route; but then again there are many who will. Best wishes and I look forward to your future comments and advice. Lori


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