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Hi fellow fitness nurses,

WOW!  What a past 10 days I had! 

My Fitness Nursing wellness program at Physician’s office

Everybody showed up.  That’s 90 percent of my angst… relieved.  All 10 people showed up for the 8-week program.  Because I did introduction sessions and a lot of follow-up, the participants were also very excited about signing up.  The physician also did a great job in recommending my services to these patients of his.  Using his office was also a great place locally, for everyone to get to, 2 of the participants are in walking distance of the doctor’s office. 

"You have to be healthy to lose weight (permanently); NOT lose weight to be healthy" ~Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, MD (My mantra for the Certified Fitness Nurse™)

Once a week doesn’t seem to be enough support for many of my participants.  So this Wednesday I will ask them to vote on an evening, Sunday or Monday, that we will have a conference call and possibly computer presentation on those nights.  These teleconference calls will be in addition to the Wednesday evening meetings.  I will recap that past week’s session, in case someone had to miss, and I will listen to challenges and offer suggestions for the upcoming week.  There was one woman who wants to work with me privately.  I charge a lot of money to work privately with someone.  It’s just so much more cost effective and fun to work with a group…to me anyway.  But you can make your own decision how you want to work with your clients.  In a group, I make $200.00 or more in an hour, and I just duplicate the packages/systems.  In a private setting, one-on-one, you may charge $75-$100.00 and you will earn every penny and you may also accrue some frustration with a (PIA) client, who can be quite demanding.  I like the one to many model and charging by the package; NOT the hour.  It’s best to set your business up so that your time (privately) is premium.  I hope this is sounding appealing to you.  Because…

Announcing The Certified Fitness Nurse Academy’s Nursing’s™ Certified Fitness Nurse™ Course Model:

Yes, the above attempts to find a viable venue for nurses who are interested in healing people under a physician’s care, through a special eating plan and proper exercise is being developed.  Those of you who wish to call yourselves fitness nurses and work in gyms and clubs, please continue to promote yourself as a ‘fitness nurse’ and continue to do your great work.  But this course will be for the nurse who is a fitness enthusiast, has a fitness certification and/or exercise science degree and wants to do their great work outside of 6 days a week of cardio craze and bootcamps and low-fat, no fat diets.  This certification will prepare you, the soon-to be certified fitness nurse, to offer your services to other healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations as a means to help sick people (like your neighbors) heal through documented ways that best reduce inflammation, reduce belly fat, decrease heart disease and diabetes the quickest, safest way possible.  And these ‘sick people’ are your neighbors, family members and co-workers.  Just because they are ‘not hospitalized’… doesn’t mean they are not sick or well on their way.  Remember there are over 70 million pre-diabetics, probably many more undiagnosed.  This is a form of prevention isn’t it?  If we can stop people from getting worse… it’s rewarding to us and appreciated by folks in healthcare who we work with; isn’t that what we do?  Heal first; lose weight second.

This course (Certified Fitness Nurse™) time table is to be offered Spring 2012 and will be offered over the internet.  You will need certain criteria to take this course.  Go to to see the update.

The Certifed Fitness Nurse Academy will also offer an ebook called, Fitness Nursing 101, by Winter 2012).  It will also be available over the internet.  It will be an introductory course about fitness nursing and how to become a fitness nurse.

Stay Tuned for more class information

Please look for future fitness nursing class information on this blog and in e-mails.  Up to that time in the Spring 2012, Certified Fitness Nurse Academy will still offer classes to mentor those of you who are ready to go now and may need some guidance.  Please don’t forget to call into the free monthly preview calls and get your questions asked.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to all of you becoming great fitness nurses!

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,


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  1. Grace Schraner

    Are you offering any Fitness Nursing course at this time?

    • Hi Grace,
      Thank you for your comments. I am not offrering any courses until August. They will be mentoring courses for nurses who are ready to start working as a fitness nurse now. I am trying to get together my
      monthly preview call now. You can always listen in on those calls till August. Are you on the mentoring e-mail list? ( to get on the mentoring class list, then you will receive more updates
      about the future mentoring calls and classes. The certification course not until Winter 2012. Lori


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