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9 clients from a physician sign up

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Hi fellow fitness nurses,

I ended up with 9 clients who said “yes” to my wellness program that I offer to physician’s practices.  I started out with 31 names from the doc (his patients).  Not surprisingly the people who came to the information sessions are the one who signed up for the wellness program.  Meaning that I called every person (all 31) and I could feel through the phone that many of them just wanted to appease the physician and tell him that they were interested, when really they weren’t.  You can’t force fitness on people, even offering it as a healing method, as I do.  Also, just because the physician thinks someone is great for my program…doesn’t mean I do.  My program involves carb reduction and intermittent fasting, not necessarily great for all diabetics or really stressed out people, emotionally not ready. 
The program starts on May 11, so let’s see who shows up.  I have to e-mail and call them to keep reminding them.  The doctor’s office doesn’t do this, it’s my responsibility.  Signing up is not the same as showing up…


The program is something I want to offer to other healthcare professionals who have their own practice and are looking to offer wellness as a option to their clients too.  I am thinking about using this wellness program as a model for other fitness nurses who ‘buy’ into my philosophy that nurses who want to compliment their nursing skills with a fitness specialty, will work with other healthcare professionals and within healthcare, not a gym or club.  Entrepeneurs (people who have their own practices, physician’s, APN’s, LCSW’s, registered dietitian’s, chiropractor’s, dentists, plastic surgeon’s, nutritionists, coaches, etc.) are more apt to invest in providing more value to their services than the general public.  In other words, it will be easier to sell (make money) to the above, than to the public.  Anyone interested in learning about this model?

I’ll keep you updated after the program starts next week.  9 signed up; let’s see how many show up.

Please go to and opt in to get the recording on “Nurses who want to work in fitness profession” I talk more about this philosophy. 
Yours in Fitness & Nursing,


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