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Ego-strong physicians or ego-strong club owners?

Hi Fitness Nurses,
Everytime I write an entry, I tell myself that I will keep up this week…with at least 3 entries.  Then the week’s over and I’m almost halfway into the next week.  I wanted to give you an update with what’s going on with this physician who has opened up his patients to me.  Did I mention that many physicians have strong egos and are control freaks.  Maybe a necessary evil for the type of work they do.  I can deal with that…It’s the micro-managing and passive aggressiveness that’s leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Kind of how I'm feeling right now!

I am learning a lot from this physician…but not in the way he thinks I am.  I am studying his responses to my decisions, what his concerns are and the logistics of his office.  If you approach a physician and they are interested in what you have to offer, be suspicious.  I should have known that there were covert motives here.  This physician wants to break into another area of wellness that he can’t sell directly to his patients, because it would be a conflict of interest to his patients.  Probably frowned upon by the medical establishment.  Without telling you exactly what he’s selling, I really don’t have a problem with a doc wanting to branch out and make more money.  Here’s what I am having a problem with:

  1. Telling me that I can offer my fitness nursing services to patients (provided by him and his clinical staff); but then once I get started he has to micro-manage and base my performance on 2 people who would not be my ideal clients anyway.  Which lead me to the next issue:
  2. If you [the physician] want me to ‘sell’ your wellness product to your patients, tell me that’s why you are motivated to work with me.  Then we can openly work out the logistics for ‘soft-selling’ and marketing.  But to expect me to read your mind [the physician] and covertly try to get me to know your agenda, while I’m doing my program, my way… is not only frustrating, it won’t work.
  3. Finally, I am going to go through with what I promised to offer his patients.  And I do still think that physician’s practices can be a great venue for Fitness Nurses.  But you have to be crystal clear in what you have to offer, the time frame, the outcomes and the costs and don’t buckle if the doc makes a sarcastic comment.  Stick to your program, the one that works for you and previous clients.  Don’t let the physician try to tell you how to do ‘fitness’, your specialty.  Let them know that your program is not for everyone.  Give them your qualifying criteria for clients.  Boy, I don’t miss the units (if you are working on one… I’m sure you have mastered ‘handling’ physicians and their egos.  Which is what a lot of this is about…control)

Remember their practice is their ‘baby’ and they want to protect their patients, so we all respect that.  Just make sure you are getting the respect you deserve too.  Out of the 25 patients that were referred to me,  if I qualified them myself, maybe only 4-5 would be close to my ‘ideal client’.  But I think that’s great, I don’t just take anyone…been there; done that, as they say.  It’s a nightmare when you just take anyone and you get problem children who just want quick fixes.  When I say problem children, I don’t mean health problems per se, I mean they cost you more money to work with them because they are not your ideal client, they don’t listen or do the work necessary to be successful and they are used to going to a doctor who will take their insurance.  Remember health insurance does not provide health; to be healthier for the long term, patients (people) have to step outside the ‘copay box’ and be responsible for their life choices and recognize that they may need guidance… which costs money.  The ego-strong club owners already know this.  I’ll keep you posted on what happens next. 

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
P.S.  I do have another physician who is interested too in talking with me.  What I learn here in my current adventure, will help me tremendously in the future.  Don’t worry, I’ll share it all with you.


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  1. Lori
    Thanks for sharing your progress! My take away is that in offering a fitness nursing program to a physician you not only have to be clear about what outcomes you will produce, but what the measure of success will be based on your collaboration with the physician and his staff.
    The other obvious point you’re making here is that you must clarify what kind of patients you want to work with TO the physician and be able to CHOOSE to work with that client or not. In choosing what patients the physician refers to you, you can help to educate the physician about which patients are appropriate for the fitness nurse services.
    Again thanks for sharing. It is helpful to reflect on your experience and learn from it!

  2. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for sharing this experience. As always, your so generous to share and it is appreciated greatly. Thanks, Lori, this is extremely insightful. Very interesting!Stay on your path to greatness. 🙂
    In Health, Fitness & Nursing,


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