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My Ideal Client; My Walking Billboard

Hello Fitness Nurses,

As this year comes to an end, I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get clarity on my purpose in this life.
Then I read that many people will go through their whole life, ‘asleep behind the wheel’, not fulfilling that hunger inside.
You know, you can start small.  Fulfilling that hunger, that is.  I did start very small. 
Now, I just finished up my weightloss study.  I measured weightloss, but that was only to get women to sign up.  What I really measured was exercise adherence for 5 weeks, during the holidays, and how much the ‘experience’ while exercising affected how the participants continued in the study.  It took up a lot of my time.  It was worth it.  I learned some hard lessons.  But now it is done.  If you are interested in it you can read about it HERE.  I have not compiled all the results yet; the the criteria is there.

As you know, I recently began re-thinking about who I wanted to help and work with.  I wrote all the qualities down for an ‘ideal client’ and then designed my marketing around that description.
I didn’t care if I started out with 1 or 2 people.  I did care if they were PIA’s (Pain In Ass) and energy sapping, negative people.  These clients will always want more and more from you and won’t be willing to pay for it.  I new I would have a better chance of getting my proper bone exercise and meal plans out there for my ideal client in a receptive way, if I formulated my marketing, like a single’s ad.  Here’s some of the qualities I look for in an ‘ideal client’:
Women 46 -60 y.o. …

  1. who are open to common sense ways of eating; not believing everything they read on the front of the box (Like “immune health” on the container of Juicy Juice).
  2. who have a diagnosis of osteopenia/osteoporosis (I further specialize in Black women with increasing osteoporosis risk; but I will work with women of all races, who are at risk)
  3. who have a risk for osteopenia (in my mind that’s anybody who is sedentary, on loop diuretics, on corticosteroids, has increasing belly fat, avoids the sun, avoids all healthy fats and just uses olive oil, avoids dairy, smokes, on thyroid medication, eats salty foods and drinks a lot of soda, etc.) (Notice I am taking the ‘race’ element out of these risk factors)
  4. who will show up for classes and sessions.
  5. who will show up on time.
  6. who asks me questions, even challenge me from time to time.  Not just wants me to fling them a diet and exercise plan 3 weeks before their high school reunion or daughter’s wedding.  These clients tend to be PIA’s and you end up making $7.50 an hour after you calculate all the time you spend on them, after they paid you your fee (which is probably way too low).  No matter what you tell them, they expect to lose 30lbs. in 30 days and will go to someone else who is $5.00 cheaper than you, the “next time” they want to lose weight.
  7. who call in to all the virtual coaching sessions and apply my suggestions.
  8. who get results (measured in NOT so typical ways) and tells everybody how my methods helped them.
  9. who give me referrals and are willing to try new things. (letting go of limiting beliefs)
  10. who are happy and positive and take responsibility for their own actions.
  11. who gives me a Christmas present and thank me.  (they are grateful for me and I am for them)

This ‘ideal client’ is M.W.  and she is my walking billboard.  She’s so pleasant and confident that people can’t ignore her presence, glow and energy.  They ask her constantly what she is doing.  This is priceless marketing for me.  She even tells her physician what she is doing and how she is now eating and she (her physician) is thrilled.  Her physician makes a note in her chart about me, the Osteo-Care Fitness Nurse. 
Now what I do is take all those above points and condense them into sales letters, flyers and emails, even presentations and attract the women who relate to what I am saying and asking for.  It may be slow going at first; but it is well worth it in the end, to have people contacting you and you not chasing them.  I show you how to do this HERE.

As nurses, we can’t pick our patients.  As fitness nurses we can.  We can choose who we want to work with and who we can help.  Remember, the exercise we do is for the healing of our clients.  Focus on that.  The HEALING of what exercise can do within the specialty that you choose.  This is why if you want to just focus on weightloss, like the late night exercise tv commercials, and training people to run marathons, you’ll understand why you and other people (other healthcare professionals too) will have a hard time calling you a Fitness Nurse.  Personal trainers and athletic coaches already do those things.

I’m excited about the New Year.  I hope to help as many of you as I can.  I will be devoting most of my efforts promoting and expanding the role of the “specialty” Fitness Nurse.  I have received e-mails from many fitness nurses who are calling themselves, “Pediatric Fitness Nurse”, “Holistic Fitness Nurse”, “Cardiac-Care Fitness Nurse”, etc. and are paving the way for other fitness nurses to travel on.  When “Fitness Nurse” does eventually appear on Career Builder, you can thank them!

I wish you all, the best holiday and Merry Christmas.  As the New Year approaches, make your list of who you feel you could help heal with exercise, just for the ‘fun of it’ and see what happens.  You may surprise yourself with who/what you come up with.  Again, if you have questions please call on January 22nd at 9pm EST.  Sign up at:

I can’t wait to speak to you in January!  I am so committed to helping spread fitness nursing, that this January, the best time for exercise renewal, I am not taking any new clients in my Restorative Fitness Nursing business.  I will be available to help you get going in January with new clients and/or the process of starting part-time as a fitness nurse coach, independent specialty fitness nurse in a gym or in your own fitness nursing business.  Thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact me in the New Year!

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
Lori (a.k.a Minky)
(732) 620-2193


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