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Osteo-Care Fitness Nurse/ How to Start?

Osteo-Care Fitness Nurse

Can breakthoughs be small? 

I don’t think so.  I think they are just awesome, no matter the size.  Increased awareness is amazing. 
I thought, since working as a Fitness Nurse, that I had my market down pat.  After working hard and with women with a broad range of health issues, I realized that actually calling myself an Adult Care Fitness Nurse was too broad for me.  I have decided to call myself an Osteo-Care Fitness Nurse.  (I was missing my love of strengthening bones)

I have listed examples of what kind of fitness nurse you can call yourself on the website.  For me, I have identified with osteopenia and osteoporosis for years past.   Even though I produced, starred in and promoted an exercise video called, “Bones of Steel”, wrote an exercise and nutrition program called, “A Frame For Life” with a Registered Dietitian for a large hospital system’s health resources department, I seemed to lose the connection that I had with this brittle bone disease.  I focused so much on my mother’s heart disease  and diabetes that I forgot and didn’t think she was at risk for osteoporosis.

If you hadn’t read my story about how and why I started really wanting to combine my fitness skills and my nursing skills and experience, I’ll spare you the details now.  But I want to add to that story that my mother, not only died suddenly on a treadmill from a massive coronary event, but years before that dreadful moment; she was diagnosed with osteopenia, her T-score was very close to osteoporosis.

When I looked at her labs again and saw this diagnosis, I realized that the bone demineralization from a sedetary lifestyle was the beginning of my mother’s demise. (My mother’s picture used to be next to the meaning of sedentary in the dictionary) This bone degradation, fueled by long crappy eating, happened long before her weight gain in her waist, then type 2 diabetes, then heart disease at an accelerated pace.  This is were I WANT to be.  I thought, osteoporosis was typically NOT a disease that is a risk for African American women.  I found out that was wrong.  Now with my “Are Your Bones Buff?” presentation, I plan to raise the awareness of minorities about osteopenia and osteoporosis.

After just a few days of redefining my fitness nursing specialty, I’ve acquired 3 new clients.  They immediately said to me, “I’m worried about my bones”.  Well I am launching a weightloss study right now.  But I added and changed my title all over the fitness nursing biz website, , and these women ‘found me’. 

How Do I Start?

I still am getting questions on how to combine the 2 specialties, fitness and nursing.  The first thing that you have to do is decide what group of ‘sick’ , ‘not-so-healthy’ people you want to help.  If you focus on using fitness for weight loss efforts and to train healthy athletes, the public asks, “Isn’t that what a personal trainer does?”  They have trouble blending the two.  As I have always said, “if you want to be a personal trainer, than be that.”  You can’t turn a personal trainer into a fitness nurse without changing who you are going to work with.  You’ll confuse your audience (target).  My goal is to keep the ‘nursing’ in ‘fitness nursing’ and use it as a way to separate us from all of the other fitness professionals.

  1. What kind of Fitness Nurse do you want to be?  How do you start?
    Ask yourself do you want to work with, what health issues do you want to use fitness to improve?
    How do you want to use your fitness specialty?  Pilates-based, strength-training, mind-body (yoga), cardio intervals?
    Start by defining your purpose for becoming a Fitness Nurse.  Why do you want to do it?  Get any fitness certification
    if you don’t already have one.  I recommend NESTA on-line programs.  I don’t get paid for recommending
    John Spencer Ellis and his wonderful programs. Or as I’ve always said, you don’t
    have to get certified as a personal trainer, you can get certified in any fitness certification.  I recommend that if
    you want to work with cancer survivors, you get a Cancer Exercise Specialist certification.  There are always the heavy-
    hitters like ACSM, ACE, NASM, CSCS, AFAA, ISSA who may offer specialty certifications. 
  2. Ask around in your healthcare travels about your fitness nursing skills and what you want to do.  People, the public and other
    healthcare professionals, need to be educated on who we are.  Start calling yourself a “_________Fitness Nurse”.  You fill in the blank.
    The sooner you decide on who you want to work with and how your want to use your fitness training with that group, the better you’ll
    feel about telling people you are a fitness nurse.  I tell everyone who ask me, “What do you do?”  I answer, “I am a Osteo-Care Fitness Nurse
    and I work with women 40-60 y.o. who have osteopenia or at risk for osteoporosis and they want to build stronger bones and reduce their waist sizes through proper, proven bone-building exercises and eating more traditional foods”.  You can do this too.  I know you have a burning desire to combine your fitness and nursing skills.  Get started by at least calling in on November 20th or on future FREE Preview calls.  I can’t wait to help you.  There is a small groupf of us, I call the Fitness Nurse Pioneers, you can be one too.  Remember that you can call in on my FREE monthly preview calls.  On these calls I talk about how you can get started.  You’ll hear other fitness nurses’ ideas and how to get your idea off the ground too.  (next call is November 20th, 9pm!) I will have 2 upcoming mentor classes next month.  One will be a 1 daycourse, for 1.5 hours called “How Do I Start Fitness Nursing?” offered on December 15th and the other will be a 3-day course, “Fitness Nurse on Duty Mentoring Class”, December 9, 16, 23. NEW YEAR; NEW CAREER! has more information. 

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
(732) 620-2193


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