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Weight Loss Study, Using Nursing Process

Hi Fellow Fitness Nurses,

A Marketing Idea
I have been busy putting together a weight loss study for 5 weeks, right before the holidays.  The results of the study will be used for future marketing of my Fitness Nursing Services.  I’m not trying to sell you anything or get you to ‘buy into’ my ideas…just an example of how you can collaborate with other professionals in the health & wellness industries.
If you want to check it out you can go to:

I have received e-mails asking “How to get started as a Fitness Nurse” in other words, what to do first.  I realize that many of you are not quite ready to start your own businesses yet.  I am putting a class together to help you decide if this way of working as a fitness nurse is for you. 
(up on fitnesnurseonduty website in a few days)
You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to work as a fitness nurse.  But you want to develop an entreprenial spirit to get and keep your dreams on track.  You can be what’s called an “Intrapreneur”, who is someone who develops their own position within their current job.  This may be at a gym or hospital wellness center, etc. 

The Nursing Process
But if you’re not sure what you’ll do as a fitness nurse and/or what you’ll say to people (other health care professionals and the public), you need to develop some fitness nursing and marketing skills and get back to your nursing roots.  I use the nursing process for my fitness nursing assessments.  Remember the nursing process?  It’s not that difficult because the nsg dx planning and implementation are focused on exercise and possibly nutrition.  The nursing process is something only a nurse can use.  It separates us from the gazillion personal trainers and exercise instructors out there.   Here is an example below:

Why the nursing process for FN assessments?

  • It sets us, fitness nurses, apart from other fitness professionals
  • It focuses on actions which are designed to solve or minimize the existing problem
  • It relates to the future
  • It is based upon identifiable health and nursing problems
  • It is a product of a deliberate systematic process
  • It is holistic in its focus
  • It focuses to meet all the needs of the service user
  • Remember ADPIE

A – Assessment (of client’s needs, the data collection step, health history forms, VS, physical assessment of client, fitness assessments, interviewing and listening to clients (LPN’s can access clients) → Once data is collected, we move on to the analysis of that data to determine the health status, the coping mechanisms and to identify the client’s problems related to their health condition.

D – Diagnosis (nursing dx of human response needs that nurses can deal with.  Only nurses can make nursing diagnoses, except Nurse Practitioners who can make medical diagnoses.  Once you have identified the problems related to his health status, you formulate a nsg dx for each of them.  Most clients will have more than one nsg dx.  Priority is determined by the severity of the problem related to client’s health status.  I suggest using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns)  Example:  Nutrition and Metabolism:  Imbalanced nutrition:  less than body requirements, a chronic dieter, and Deficient fluid volume, doesn’t drink water ever.  This information about chronic dieting and not drinking water was given during the assessment phase.

P – Planning (of client’s care and goals.  The client goals are about improving the health status and their quality of life.  All goals should include exercise and/or nutritional goals with dates.  Also include what the Fitness Nurse will do, your interventions) Example:  “After each exercise session, client will eat a quality protein food and replenish with 2 glasses of water, during week one of this 6-week program. I will call client on Monday to remind her to boil her eggs for the week’s high-protein snack)

I – Implementation (setting your plan in motion)

E – Evaluation (reviewing the client’s outcomes, adjustments, determine if client’s goals have been met, an on-going process)

This assessment model is just one of the many things shown and taught to you during The Fitness Nursing Mentoring class.  If you want to hear more about this and other fitness nursing options, then please visit and register for the FREE Preview call.  (November, 20th) Bring your questions to the call or e-mail them to me at

Last Fitness Nursing Mentoring Class 
We had our first Fitness Nursing Mentoring class last month.   It was a small, intimate group, like we were all sitting in my living room.  These nurses who participated in the class are truly Fitness Nursing Pioneers.  They are paving the way for the rest of you who are waiting for Fitness Nursing to appear in job ads.  Remember, we have to create our position and present our skills.  When you’re ready to do this, the next Fitness Nurse Mentoring class is in December.  A New Year: A New Career!

I hope to speak with you on the preview call and/or the new “How do I get started as a Fitness Nurse” class or the actual Fitness Nurse Mentoring class.  Keep your dreams alive.  Let me help you.

(732) 620-2193


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