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A New Nursing Career?

Over this past week working as a fitness nurse, I had to refer some people to other HCP’s.
I just couldn’t help them when they walked through the door. 

I was grateful that they wanted my help, as a fitness nurse,
but I felt that they needed to meet with their physician, prior to meeting with me.
One was a diabetic with unstable blood sugars, hypertension and the other had bursitis 6 months ago (shoulder) and atrial fib.
(At the least, a physician’s recommendation to exercise).  Sometimes you can lose a client doing this. 
But client safety is the most important factor. 
You may ask, didn’t you want the money?  Well yes I did.
But I felt that these clients would come back to me after they had visited a physician first and realize that I
am really looking out for them and care for them.  Now they will be going to their physician with my
forms with “Restorative Fitness Nursing Services” all over them.  And they will sing my praises to the physician
for me having their best interest in mind.  When they return, I can focus on reducing their waist within the
criteria of the physician’s recommendation and my exercise/nutrition plan. 
I also do a thorough Fitness Nursing Assessment on all new clients once cleared by their physician (if needed)

I also have been getting e-mails and calls from nurses who aren’t sure if they want to be a fitness nurse.

  • Decide if you want to follow/live your passion
  • Have courage and confidence
  • Do something

One of the first things you have to do is get your consciousness in order about your current work or job and decide.
These questions below helped me decide what I needed to do:
One of my favorite motivational speakers is Craig Harper.  A no frills, in your face, funny Aussie.
Here’s one of his regular posts called, “Your Turn To Teach:  A New Career”.  Here’s what he wrote about below.
Please feel free to share your wisdom by answering the questions below and adding your thoughts and ideas.

  1. What if I hate what I do but I don’t have the financial freedom to explore other options?
  2. What’s the most intelligent way to transition from one career to another?
  3. How do I discover what I’m ‘meant’ to be doing (if that’s even possible)?
  4. How do I know when my ‘relationship’ with my current job is unhealthy (even if I love it)?
  5. How old is too old to study or change careers?
  6. Where and how do I start this change process (step one)?

Please listen to the “Fitness Nurse on Duty” preview call recording at: OR youcan be a part of the next FREE preview call
in October 201o and get your questions answered.  You can register there too. 

Or even better yet, if you know you are ready,
like the 15 other nurses around the country who are going to be the pioneers in their area,
there is still room for you to participate in the actual Fitness Nurse on Duty Mentorship class at:  (October 14, 15, 16, 2010)

Finally, here’s something that was sent to me by Angela Treat Lyons, from Hawaii, its
“The Courage Prayer”.  Courage and confidence is very needed to make a decision and act on it.
The decision doesn’t have to be perfect; but it does have to be made…first and foremost.
Click the link below and print out the prayer. 
Read it.  Read it again.  Internalize it.  Study it.  Read it again.


I hope to help as many fitness nurses as I can.  We may be few; be we will soon be established
and recognized and making money on our terms!  See you on the calls!

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
(732) 620-2193


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