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A day in the life as a fitness nurse

Hello fellow fitness nurses,

Thanks for hanging in there throughout the summer.

I had to move my personal training / coaching business from my home to a
fitness nursing business at a store front location.  Harder than it sounds. 
I decided to try the actual “storefront” location because I had a great deal on the rent. 
I share this office and wellness studio with a massage therapist
(specializing in Manual Lymphatic Draininge or MLD) and with
a registered dietitian who is also an integrative nutritionist.

I recommend that those of you who are ready to venture out into a store front location,
also collaborate and/or team up with other Health Care Professionals (HCP) too.

O.K. what if you not ready to venture into anything yet, because you’re not sure what you want to do?

Here’s a typical day I had, out and about visiting and enjoying the summer as a fitness nurse.

7am – 10am:  Up and moving, E-mail coaching clients, breakfast, updating websites, checking e-mails, returning phone calls, etc.
10-10:30am:  break (load of laundry)
10:30-1pm:  Write referral letter for people I know who could possibly send me names of people they know (who fit my target group or
ideal client), Check over 10 medication review section on my fitness nursing assessment form. 
Tweak my boundaries of who I will work with.  I can’t work with everyone.  You know this.  Working with peri-menopausal women,
ages 45-55, pre-diabetic or osteopenic is a group that I choose to serve, but I also have to make a decision to work with someone
or not because of what else they present with.
If a woman is on certain medications, like hormone replacement or a steroid, I won’t work with them if they are looking to lose weight. 
(And they are always looking to lose weight; even if they tell you they are not)  Weight loss is all but impossible under those conditions.
Then I started a little research on the net and I found an article (about bariatric surgery) on what qualifications to look for in a personal trainer. 
I should post it somewhere for you. 
Better yet, here’s the link:,1611/mode,content/

For those of you who have your heart set on working in the ‘preventative’ section of healthcare…
which really doesn’t exist…you’re walking right into the realm of the personal trainer, exercise physiologist,
group exercise instructor when it comes to fitness. When you visit that link above you can see what your
competition will be like if you still want to compete with that crowd.
I have all those qualifications and I still felt out-of-place (nothing about nursing there)
Also please keep in mind that those recommendations, in the link above, are opinions. 
Many trainers don’t have those qualifications and are very successful.
Besides do you ask you physician (or even your hairdresser for that matter) for proof of degree and insurance?
If they solve your problem and are professional that’s all you care about.  The respect and professionalism is a given.
Nurses, hence Fitness Nurses, are always professional and advocate to what’s best for our clients.
Take notice of the world of many personal trainers, 4-year degrees will soon be mandatory.
(Having a nursing license, you could take any fitness certification course and
have the credibility you need to begin calling yourself
and marketing yourself as a fitness nurse.  Remember people buy you.
You will get employment, business, more money if you are professional and deliver what you say you will.)

Great news though, having your nursing license does make you qualified to assess people, so again here’s
another reason why we have to stick to our nursing guns and minor with fitness as our specialty. 
How many of you have a 4-year degree in an exercise science that is stated in that above link?
But that’s who the docs only know.  We have to talk to the physicians and other HCP’s
about what we do.  Like the conversation I had below.
Back to my day,
1-1:30pm: LUNCH! 
I went to my office at
1:30pm:   I met with the massage therapist and a physical therapist who was interested in coming on board with
our ‘storefront’ business.  Right after he pushed on us these ‘energy drinks’ with 4900% vitamin B12 in it (really?) and as
soon as I introduced myself, he began to drill me about fitness nursing!
He asked me everything from, “What do fitness nurses do?”, to “What kind of fitness nurse are you?” to
“What’s the difference between you and a personal trainer?” to “How many fitness classes did you take in nursing school?”
to “Where do I find a fitness nurse?” to “Do you take insurance?”

As you can imagine, my head was spinning.  He was more interested in fitness nursing than providing his services. 
(Which isn’t totally bad)
And he had valid questions.  Questions that I’m sure you’re concerned about answering too. Watch video below
to hear my answers:

3:00pm – researching for my coaching clients.  I want to share this amazing video with you from
Dr. Robert Lustig, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist.  It is long but well worth watching!

4:30pm – Private client visit.
6:00pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Strengthen & Stretch class
9:00pm – arrive at home and answer e-mails and update client records.

Yes, it’s a long day.  But is doesn’t feel like a job.  I love what I do and so can you!
Remember to keep you eye out for my new FREE preview call for “Fitness Nurse on Duty”
mentoring class.  The FREE preview call will be the second week in September 2010.
It will explain what you will get in the “Fitness Nurse on Duty” mentoring class,
to begin later in the month of September.
I wish you the best, fitness nurses!
(732) 620-2193


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