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New name; clarified purpose…

Hello fitness nurses,

I was away for a while because I had to “re-group” and decide what I really wanted to do here.

Thank you for all your e-mails, phone calls and your interest.  I feel blessed everytime I receive an email that someone has just signed up for the newsletter.  (Which is coming very soon.  I promise!)

I am soon to upload a video of me.  In it I will explain the changes and the purpose of

It will be on the website.  The website is now  (No more .org)

I will tell you that my life’s purpose is to teach people how to exercise properly so they can experience long, vibrant lives, free of suffering yet, filled with laughter, freedom and independence as they age.  My life’s work is to organize a “tribe”of nurses who are interested in helping to provide the same with whom they choose to serve.

And I want to make money while doing it…don’t you?


About fitnessnurse

President & Founder, and Creator of Certified Fitness Nurse Academy, Paleo Fitness Nurse

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  1. This is certainly achievable. I think there are many ways we can identify a market for fitness nursing services.

    Think of the 9 year old diabetic male who wants to “grow up” and be a famous basketball player. Or the 30 something mother who has high blood pressure and a history of heart disease and doesn’t want to end up too “ill” to attend important events. There are many, many other examples that you know of that would benefit from fitness nursing services.

    Fitness nursing has a role. Let’s stand up and give it the respect it deserves. This means national recognition, standards of practice and enough financial support to secure an everlasting future.


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