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If Bob Greene can’t do it for Oprah; What makes you think you can?

Hello fellow fitness nurses,

I have been busy moving my fitness nursing business from my home location to a wellness center in Deal, NJ.   As I was preparing for my lecture series, I came across an article written by Byron Richards, CCN, one of my favorite leptin researchers.  He asked the question, “Am I the only one who has a problem with Oprah promoting this ‘so-called’ nutrition expert who put her on a program that was impossible to follow?”

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

 “The scene is comic:  Bob Greene sitting next to Oprah on her TV show, kicking off the New Year, as Oprah tries to explain to her viewing audience why she gained forty pounds – again.  Not once did she turn to Greene and say, “Bob, I guess your program is just a bit too hard to follow, something must be wrong with it.” 

This spectacle first caught my attention in December when Oprah made her weight-gain story national news by featuring her balloon ride to 200 pounds in the January issue of her Oprah magazine.  As she talked about her weight problems on her TV show it became obvious that her story coincided with a sales pitch for Bob Greene’s new cookbook, which goes along with his Oprah-sponsored diet book.  I see from some of the news stories that I am not the only one who thinks this is bizarre.  However, it is an interesting case study for future university-level marketing classes in how to market utter failure.

As one of the top clinical nutritionists in the country, the oddities of this story began to perk my interest.  After reading through the gibberish in the January Oprah magazine and sitting through my first ever entire Oprah TV show, I went out and bought a copy of Greene’s diet book.  Within moments of reading the book it was easy to visualize my working title for this article, “Why Bob Greene’s Diet Fails Oprah.” 

Upon further research a new question entered my mind, “Is there anything Bob Greene won’t do for money?” 

I thought it was peculiar that Oprah was introducing Bob Greene as her long time friend and trainer, while allowing him to portray himself as a nutrition expert.  Why wasn’t she introducing him in a factual way:  “I just want to let all of you know that Bob Greene is part of Oprah, Inc.  He doubles as my property manager for my 102 acre estate in Hawaii and together we have purchased a total of six other oceanfront properties nearby (one for a Bob Greene house, one for an Oprah guest house, and four to be left vacant).  We have made over ten million dollars on the diet book that has resulted in my dieting failure.  And Bob has made millions more promoting McDonalds and other junk food companies on my coattails.  In fact, I’ve personally made Bob Greene a multi-millionaire many times over and I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am that I’ve gained back forty pounds while being an expert in, advocate of, and profiting from his advice.”

The New York Times interviewed him just before he and Oprah did their joint promotional webcast on January 12, a webcast that somehow managed an extremely accurate title: “Falling Off the Wagon With Bob Greene.”  He told the paper, “It doesn’t bother me in the least, everyone knows she follows my plan, but when she doesn’t, she gains weight, and when she does, it’s the only thing that works for her.  It’s a very positive thing for me and book sales aren’t suffering.”

Bob, that is not exactly what everyone knows.  Oprah’s two big weight-loss experiences came on a liquid diet and by starving herself, not from following your diet and reaching an ideal weight.  In fact Bob, following your diet is next to impossible – which is why Oprah so easily goes off it – and this simple fact is directly your responsibility and the fault of your diet program.  Furthermore, Oprah’s following your program has resulted in her having a significant increased risk for breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and early death – nice friend. 

Before I explain some of the many flaws in the Bob Greene diet approach, I first must get back to the subject of Oprah, Inc.”

The article continues on the link below.  Byron is a great writer and resource for fitness nurses.  Yes, he does sell supplememts, but so do physicians, nutritionists and fitness trainers.  Byron, however, gives great research articles and does his homework.  I find that he talks and writes about topics way before they ‘hit’ Dr. Oz.  You should sign up for his weekly podcasts.

So what makes you think you can? (succeed with weightloss through fitness and diet)  Well, I think you are unique in how you approach your clients.  Learning about leptin, all fats, all macronutrients, hormones, people’s fears and working with other disciplines (like physical therapists, physicians, psychologists and others) will set you up to be the ‘go to’ specialist for your niche’s fitness needs.

Our wellness practitioner team consists of therapeutic massage therapists (lymphedema specialty), registered dietitian & holistic nutritionist, fitness nurse and food psychology coach and a spiritual advisor.  You can read more here We plan on opening the new venues on May 10th, 2010.  I use a company called Homestead for easy websites.  It’s very easy to manage and there is a free trial period.  Only $10.00 a month for a basic website. (No, I don’t work for them nor for Byron Richards) 

Again if you want to be highlighted on this blog or write an article please let me know.  Please comment for other fitness nurses to read below.
Is it just ‘sour grapes’ or is Bob Greene the ‘poster child’ of the fitness industry’s failure to keep people on their programs?  He’s actually making millions and Oprah is 40 lbs heavier…again.  Here’s the link below to the rest of Byron’s article.  It’s nice to share.  Just leave your comments below for other fitness nurses to read.  Thanks!

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
Lori (a.k.a. Minky)


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