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Why do you start exercising? Why do you stop? (Convention photos)

I have been on a whirlwind this past two weeks.  We have met some great people over the past 2 weeks who are interested in helping the fitness nursing organization.  We also met a lot of interested nurses who wanted more information about our Certified Fitness Nurse course.

I am proud and exhausted to say that the course is being reviewed for approval for nursing contact hours.  We also have a patent pending on the course.  Here are some of the NJ State Nursing convention photos.  The convention was late last month:

Our Fitness Nursing booth and table. The "Wheel of Fitness" was a big hit!

During a slow time, when the participants were at the educational session our neighbor, from the College of NJ, took this picture of yours truly:

Terry, Minky and Debra (I'm already barefoot at 11 am!)

Terry is our Director of Operations; I’m Minky, President and Debra is our Educational Director.  We were constantly asked, “What’s fitness nursing?”  And our answer was always, “Fitness Nursing is a new and emerging field for licensed RNs and LPNs to assist in improving the health of others (clients/patients) through fitness as a specialty.”  We went on to say, “Fitness nurses can work in a variety of forums.  It’s up to the fitness nurse as to how she/he wants to expand on their skills.  For example, we know nurses who have gone on to specialize with seniors, breast cancer survivors, even mental illness and use their specialized fitness certifications and training to improve health status’ of these clients.  Moving your body to improve your health is truly holistic, every body system is positively affected.”

Guess What?  People wanted to hear more.  It is my hope that those of you out there who want to be fitness nurse and are already fitness nurses, will proudly described yourself as one. 
To toot my own horn, I am in the midst of writing and e-book, “Minky’s Fried Chicken Diet…8 Blessons (blessings + lessons) from a very experienced, but jaded fitness nurse…” (this is my personal opinion in my business, I’m just showing you how you can use the title of ‘fitness nurse’ in everything you do)   From there, an editor of a natural magazine saw it and wanted to know more of what I talk about; but he also wanted to know about fitness nursing. 
My niche in fitness nursing is female baby boomers (many are already pre-diabetic) who want to stay out of the nursing home!  I have past nursing home experience and I new all 4 of my grandparents well into my 30’s.  I like old folks, especially independent old folks.  Nobody want to be a burden to anyone.  I am going to have a table at the NICHE (geriatrics) convention here in NJ.  They loved the idea of having a fitness nurse table.  You can do this too!    So the Spring is very busy for me and the organization and should be for you.  May 1st, believe it or not, is when people think about their bodies for summer.  What am I saying?…find your niche and get moving!  Start developing a fitness program that would appeal to what that particular NICHE WANTS, NOT NECESSARILY WHAT THEY NEED.  What are their obstacles?  E-mail me and I’ll try to help you narrow your’s down if you want.

One thing that helps is to find out what are the objections/obstacles of your niche?  You find a way to overcome those obstacles and market that.  I want to ask all of you, in an informal questionairre: 

“Why do you think people start an exercise program?”

and “Why do you think people quit an exercise program?”

Please write me your comments/answers below on the blog.  You can be anonymous.
Your answers will help everyone who’s struggling with getting people motivated to move!

I got to run. (no pun intended)  Thank you all for your patience and support.
Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
Lori (a.k.a. Minky)


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