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Teaming up with other healthcare professionals to market your services

Hello fellow Fitness Nurses,
Boy have we been busy!  We have been meeting with attorneys for patenting our course and preparing for the New Jersey State Nursing Convention next week.   March 24-26th, in Altantic City, NJ.  We will have Fitness Nursing booth, if you are in the area…please drop by to see us!  We have been meeting with other health care professionals, like pharmacists to assist us with our medication check list for fitness nurses and I have been talking with massage therapists.  I just teamed up with 2 awesome massage therapists who will allow me to promote my fitness nursing business at their center.  This what they  actually wrote in an ad (their logo and colors are not here):

Informed Touch…

Affordable and personalized care!





Great for employee/teacher appreciation, clients, special events and gift giving.

Contact : Kim Rutigliano, MT -Service Director

 Also specializing in Comfort Touch for elderly , hospice patients and home bound individuals .

Nutrition and Fitness for Cardiac and Diabetic patients under the direction of

Lori ”Minky” Radcliffe, RN, BS, CFPC, Fitness Nurse 


JoAnn Morgillo, MT-CLT

Executive Director

136 Brighton Avenue

Deal N.J. 07723


Notice how they described me in ad copy.  This is NOT how a personal trainer would advertise.  But a fitness nurse would.  Many of you have mentioned “combining” your nursing and fitness training and I ‘get’ what you are saying.  But realistically we have to ‘pick a side’, I want to get paid the most money, so I choose healthcare and the ‘wellness’ within healthcare.  And it does exist.  You just have to position yourself as the fitness expert, the fitness nurse, within your healthcare setting.  Most personal trainers are struggling; I know I’ve been there.

Look for other healthcare and/or wellness professionals who share your insight and barter services, split profits, whatever you need to do to get your name out there.  People want a variery of services when they enter a facility; yet they don’t want to be seen as ‘cattle’.  You know, a ‘herd’ of people coming in and out of the door with no personalized attention.  The people who are already in decent shape may feel comfortable going to a large gym or center.  I think it’s the other 67 million, ‘not-ready-for-Hip-Hop Abs’, prediabetics that we need to reach as fitness nurses.  Teaming up with other healthcare/wellness professionals is a great way to start!

Once you have clients, you can offer short informative lunch n’ learns or provide demonstrations to their groups and even offer product that you developed or someone else’s product.  This is where you make money in product sales.  It can be an e-book or video.  Not hard to do.

I am doing a 4-week workshop at the above massage therapy/wellness center in April and I will promote my e-book which I hope to be ready by then.  The program is on the Informed Touch website under workshops.  At the NJSNA convention, I will promote my Nurses’ TID Diet, which I only have 4 days left to complete.  Another reason I have been lacking on the blog.  You can do this too.

Finally, I have listed below an excerpt from a study about Fosamax posted by Wellness Resources.  I wanted to share with you, all the great information at:
Even though Byron Richards pushes supplements, many doctors now push supplements, he does an extraordinary amount of research and posts studies on his site.  I recommend that you sign up for his newsletter.

Fosamax Scare: ABC Shines Light on Spontaneously Breaking Bones, 03/10/2010(I put up 2 videos on the fitness nursing website about this at
Another drug debacle is blowing up in the corrupt face of the FDA. I have reported for years that Fosamax and similar drugs are one of the greatest con jobs ever perpetrated on women (statins and mental health drugs hold the top spots). Now ABC news is highlighting the fact that women who have faithfully taken their Fosamax, which is known to create highly disorganized and chaotic bone structure, are experiencing spontaneously breaking femur bones from doing virtually nothing.
Please leave a comment…
I hope to post again before we leave for convention, get out there and tell everyone that you are a fitness nurse!
Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
Lori (a.k.a. Minky)

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