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Nutrition certification (guest blogger), ARTraining teleconference

*(All guest blogger posts are not necessarily the opinion/position of NAFN)

*Last week, I asked for guest bloggers.  Amanda was the first to submit her entry about becoming certified in Nutrition.  Here’s what she has to say:

The Challenges You Can Face as a Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, you can face different career challenges. Being a
nutritionist has its advantages and disadvantages.  One of the best
advantages that you can enjoy as a nutritionist is the knowledge that you
can help other people to achieve optimum health through proper nutrition.

As a nutritionist, you can give advice to people about the best practices
of eating properly. This service could help a lot of people to become
healthier.  Aside from these rewarding experiences, nutritionists have
lots of employment opportunities.

You can work as a diet coach for athletes or you can serve in a hospital
setting where you ensure proper nutrition for patients.  You can also
establish a private practice as a nutrition consultant.  So there are lots
of opportunities available for you to advance your career in the field of
nutrition science.

However, you have to take note that nutritionists can also face a lot of
career challenges.  Here is a quick look on the possible problems that you
may encounter as a nutritionist.

Getting the Proper License

Earning a professional license as a nutritionist can be a big challenge.
You need to know the specific requirements that you have to meet in order
to practice your profession.  The problem is that different regions have
different sets of standards for nutritionists.

In the United States alone, there are states that do not have a clear
definition or requirements for nutritionists.  So you may be tempted to
practice your profession even if you do not have a license.  This could
have big implications on your career.

Changing Theories and Practices in Nutrition Science

Changing theories and practices in the field of nutrition can pose a big
problem for you.  As a nutritionist, you need to keep up with these
changes to ensure that your knowledge is still relevant to the current
needs and practices.

The theories and practices that you have learned in school may not be
valid today.  So there is also a constant need to upgrade your skills and
expertise to keep up with the changes.  If your practice is already
irrelevant or does not adhere to current standards, then you may lose your
clients.  You can also lose your license if you provide incorrect
nutritional advices and solutions.

In order to become a successful nutritionist, you have to be certain that
your license is valid in almost all states.  You must also get continuing
education in order to keep up with the ever changing theories and
practices in the science of nutrition.

About the Author

Amanda Clary writes a non commercial blog focused on her experience on
helping her family and friends to eat healthy. She is a “Nutritionist for
Hobby” and writes on the
to help people learn how to get certified and
learn all the aspects related to this job (Skills, requisites, everyday
problems, upgrading, etc…).

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Thank you Amanda for your entry.  Please see last weeks blog post for information for submitting
a guest article.
Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
Lori (a.k.a. Minky)


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