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Want to be a guest blog writer for Fitness Nursing Blog?

As time goes by, and with our efforts into putting together this Certified Fitness Nurse course and upcoming teleconferences, we realize that we can’t keep up with the blog.  So, let’s help each other. 
We are looking for blog writers, like you, to send us a blog entry.
The entry will be prefaced with, “The following entry is the opinion of the writer; not necessarily that of NAFN”.

Here are some guidelines:

People who read blogs tend to skim them.  So let’s keep the material short, easy to read and pertinent to ‘fitness nursing’.  Blog entries are usually more personal and include links to outside information sources.

Please take note of the following as you write a guest blog entry.

  1. Write like you are speaking to the reader. Be engaging, clear and specific.
  2. Please share your personal expertise and experience. Write from your heart and address readers directly.
  3. Keep posts between 200 and 700 words. 
  4. You can promote your business in the blog entry as long as it is NOT a sales letter.
  5. Include a short reference list if you quote a study or original writing.
  6. Use bullets or lists to make your entry easier for readers to “scan.”
  7. Include live hyperlinks that point readers to credible, useful information on other websites.
  8. Look for royalty-free images on the web.
  • Submit the item in Microsoft Word document form, single spaced.
  • Submit a bio of no more than 200 words and a photo in jeg format.

By submitting the entry and any related images you are vouching that it is original, that you hold the copyright to the content and that it has not been published previously. 

Please send your information to, with ‘blog entry’ in the subject matter.

Remember our teleconference, provided by Fitness Nursing U, on March 10th at 8pm, EST.
Alignment Resistant Training with Debra Corbo, PT and Doug Splittgerber, Professional Trainer
Listen in and you’ll get some insight into the Certified Fitness Nurse course.  They have some cutting edge information,
that is a difficult to find, in the fitness and health industry.
Teleconference phone number:
(888) 346-3950 for US callers or (201)499-0417 International callers
Access Code: 690422 (#)

Thank you all for all your e-mails.  It’s time to share your amazing stories with other fitness nurses and future fitness nurses!
Lori (a.k.a. Minky)


About fitnessnurse

President & Founder, and Creator of Certified Fitness Nurse Academy, Paleo Fitness Nurse

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  1. Tracy Tucker, R.N., BSN Candidate

    My name is Tracy Tucker and I have not had the pleasure of meeting Lori face to face, but have had the pleasure of working with her personally. She is phenomenal and absolutely knows her stuff. I had to stop and write a comment regarding Lori “Minky”, and her vast amount of knowledge. If you don’t know, then please FIND out. You will be so glad that you did. I have always had a love for fitness and love for being healthy, and “Minky” and assocaites will ignite a fire in you that cannot be quelched. I am honored to know “Minky”, and look forward to everything that she will continue to do in the areas of health and fitness, especially in the area of FITNESS NURSING!!! BTW…. She helped me drop almost thirty pounds this past summer!!! Fitness Nurses, check this phenomenal woman and her associates out!!!


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