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Alignment Resistance Training teleconference

On Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 8:00pm EST Fitness Nursing U will have an eye-opening teleconference on:

Alignment Resistance Training Method of Stretching & Strengthening

  • Do you think yoga is the best way to improve flexibility?
  • Do you feel ‘cardio’ is the way to go to strengthen your heart?
  • Do you feel ‘cardio’ 5-6 times a week is needed to lose weight long term?
  • Do you think abdominal breathing is the best way to get the oxygen that you need?
  • Do you think that your back pain is because you have weak abdominals?
  • Can using an electric treadmill potentially cause osteoporosis?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you must call in and listen to our interview with the authors of,
“Your Body, Your Responsibility” featuring the Alignment Resistance Training Method of Stretching & Strengthening.  They are:

Debra Corbo, Physical Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer and
Doug Splittgerber, Certified Professional Trainer (over 40 years experience, trainer to personal trainers)

Mark your calendar!
Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
8PM EST, 5PM Pacific time
Phone number:  1(888) 346-3950
International:  (201) 499-0417
Access code:  690422(#) 

Besides covering the questions above, I plan on asking Debbie & Doug about their insights on the status of the health & fitness industry AND the healthcare industry.  They have over 70 combined years of experience in both of these industries.  They have developed a cutting edge program, from these years of experience that will ‘blow you away’! 
My back pain literally disappeared after only 3 days of doing their stretch exercises.  They say they treat people who have become ‘exercise casualties’ from the current fitness gurus.  Their information is so incredible, and the assessment skills they can teach future Certified Fitness Nurses, will separate us from the over-crowded personal trainer group.  We will not make our clients/patients worse.  Which is unfortunately what many personal trainers, yoga instructors, group fitness instructors, etc., will unwittingly do.

Just think about it what are the top reasons you would stop exercising?

  1. No results
  2. Hurt yourself
  3. Don’t say no time; because if you were getting results you would find the time.

Please feel free to e-mail me questions that you would like to ask Debbie & Doug.  I will do my best to ask them your questions.  We may or may not have open questions.  You can e-mail me here:

We are constantly updating our Certified Fitness Nursing course.  We want to offer the best information for you, so when you leave our course, you will feel comfortable marketing yourself as a Certified Fitness Nurse to whomever could use your services.  I just received a call from a nurse who said that she sees a need for Certified Fitness Nurses in the home care industry.  On a regular basis, she is asked by her patient’s families about fitness people who would come to the house and ‘exercise’ their loved one.  Think about where you can see opportunities.

Here’s the Certified Fitness Nurse 2-day course outline (we are sending it very soon for Nursing Contact hours):
Day One:

  • What is Certified Fitness Nursing?  How are we different than Certified Personal Trainers?
  • Health risk appraisals, liability, scope of practice (Can they exercise?)
  • Fitness Nursing assessement (With what’s going on with them, This is how they are going to exercise)
  • Nutrition for the Certified Fitness Nurse
  • Exercise programming for top diseases and medication checklist

Day Two:

  • Marketing to other healthcare professionals and the public
  • Making money as a Certified Fitness Nurse in your own business
  • Assesment, flexibility and strength for correct exercise for the deconditioned and/or under a doctor’s care
  • Questions/evals/ take home exam

We have a great team of experienced professionals in healthcare and fitness that are writing their prospective sections.  I suggest that if you are interested in becoming a Certified Fitness Nurse; youshould work on getting your chosen fitness certification now or as soon as possible.

At our last meeting, a discussion came up about working with ‘healthy’ people.  As we do more and more market research about fitness nursing; we find that many nurses work, like I have in the past… as a personal trainer and/or group fitness instructor who happened to be a nurse.  This is because there was no venue for a nurse with fitness expertise to ‘showcase’ their combined skills.  Until now.  The way we are approaching this ‘new career’ is within nursing NOT fitness.  In other words to get the pay as a nurse, we have to work with people who are traditionally in need of nursing care.

Sick people.  We all know that prevention is great.  But as nurses we were trained to help those in need for care.  As certified fitness nurses, we want to care for them through exercise while also utilizing our nursing skills.  We are nurses with a specialty in fitness.
Now they don’t have to be ‘deathly ill’ or unable to do any kind of workout… but they should need the skills of a nurse or they will go to a personal trainer.  For example, part of our fitness nursing assessment will consist of a nursing diagnosis and medication checklist.  A personal trainer can only learn so much in a weekend course. 
When I first started as a working as a personal trainer, I wasn’t a nurse yet.  Once I became a nurse, I was able to understand the health risk appraisals and ‘special populations’ easily and I used my nursing training and skills as I worked as a personal trainer.  But now, after 27 years in the industry, I have seen the poor attrition in gyms and way too many personal trainers, with little or no understanding about the body (besides muscles and low-fat diets and jumpimg on the bad wagon of the latest trend)  I know this to some degree because I train people to become certified personal trainers.  We have to separate ourselves from the ‘pack’.  We believe that this Certified Fitness Nurse course is a great first step in doing that. 

I’d love to hear your comments and please e-mail me you questions that you have for Debbie and Doug.

Lori (a.k.a. Minky)
P.S.  Did you hear Jillian Michaels is being sued for some kind of supplement situation?  Perfect example of assessment skills or lack of.  I’m sure she never met the person who took her supplement she is endorsing.  Maybe she did?
But you probably will meet the person who listens to you (if not in person, probably over the phone) and you would be more prudent in what you recommend they put in their mouth.


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