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Links from Fitness Nsg Business training, Certified Fitness Nurse course update

Wow!  What a week!

Thank you all for your comments and e-mails. 
I was asked to list the links that were given on the “8 days of  business training for Fitness Nursing” brought to you by Fitness Nursing U. 
So here they are:

If you want to get certified in personal training online, we suggest:

Career Alternatives for Nurses:

Medical referrals:

Exercise is Medicine campaign:

Sales training and a GREAT newsletter sign-up.  We all are in sales and most nurses need as much training as we can get. 
This is where I learned how to make and leave great phone messages to power point presentations.  Jeffrey Gitomer’s
little books are an easy, fun read for any professional interested in promoting their self.  Sign up for his newsletter here:

I realize that some of you want to compliment your fitness nursing business with coaching and since I have received many e-mails about ‘coaching’ I will list the following site.  The site is about getting a presence on the web, blogs, automated e-mail marketing, newletters, squeeze pages for coaches.  There are all kinds of coaches who are members.  Happiness coaches, lifestyle coaches, mompreneur coaches, organizational coaches, weight management coaches, raw food coaches, business coaches, health coaches, career coaches, fitness coaches and so many more to list.  The group is very supportive and Mike Litman of Total Coach gives you so much training, that is included in his membership fee, that it’s almost hard to absorb it all.  You can have a quality website up, with a blog, squeeze page and complete e-mail marketing system, in a couple of hours.  They really hold your hand through the process.  They just had a free coaching training course for those members who wanted to take an official coaching course. 
Mike Litman will change your life.

Organization and time management.  The author of “The Myth of Multitasking”:

Thank you all again for listening.  We are compiling all the recordings for future use and training. 
Some recordings are available now on the fitness nursing website.

Certified Fitness Nurse course update:

NAFN has decided to partner with Doug Splittgerber, professional trainer and Debra Corbo, physical therapist, with over 70 years combined experience to contribute to the assessment, flexibility and strength portion of the Certified Fitness Nursing Course (CFN). 
Their website is: 
We will host a teleconference in early March and interview Doug and Debbie about the current state of the health, fitness and healthcare industry.  Also how to exercise properly without unknowlingly harming our clients more.  This is a major reason for lack of exercise adherence.  Check your e-mails and this blog for the date and time!  You don’t want to miss this!

We have also just obtained the services of a Ph.D. pharmacist candidate to handle the medication checklist for potential clients/patients for the Certified Fitness Nurse to be aware of.  (Cardiac meds, BP meds, medication interaction with foods and supplements, steroids, depression, etc.)

We will have a booth at the NJ Nursing Convention in March at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.  The CFN course may possibly be offered online in a few parts.  We want you to have easy access to it.  We are applying for nursing contact hours; not fitness hours.  May even be offered through a popular nursing CE site.  Candidates will be admitted to the course having their own perspective fitness certification.  Here is a general outline of the 2-day Fitness Nurse Competency course:

First 7 hours:

  1. What is Fitness Nursing?
  2. Fitness assessment and nursing assessment best combined for your client/patient
  3. Liability, scope of practice and insurance recommendations
  4. Nutrition for the Certified Fitness Nurse’s perspective  
  5. Marketing to other health care professionals and the public

Second 8 hours:

  1. Medication checklist for the Certified Fitness Nurse
  2. Quickest way to market yourself & make money as a Certified Fitness Nurse in your own business
  3. Assessment, flexibility and strength for correct exercise
    for the deconditioned and/or under a physician’s care

Remember this is a general outline.  Both days will be approxiately 7-8 hours each.  It will be offered in an on-line setting when it is first released in the fall. 
The certification piece will require a practical and you must go to an on site location (TBA).
If you live in the Tri-state area, please consider joining and coming to our local fitness nursing meetup.  More information here:
If you are too far away to attend please go to and listen in at your leisure
every 3rd Saturday at 2pm for the summation of our fitness nursing meet-ups.  To begin again in August (2010).

Take care.
Yours in Fitness & Nursing,
Lori (a.k.a. Minky)


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