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Monday’s Fitness Nursing Business Training

Beginning Monday, January 11, 2010 through Monday, January 18th; for 8 days straight, Fitness Nursing U will be offering FREE Fitness Nursing business training.  Here is the schedule:

Training Day #1Monday, January 11th, 2010 – 4pm EST. Call in at (760) 569-9000; access code 623104#
What is Fitness Nursing ?  Fitness Nursing is a specialty field where licensed, professional nurses has a specialty in fitness.  If you are a nurse  who does or wants to teach Zumba classes; that’s wonderful.  Do that.  But remember you don’t have to be a nurse to teach Zumba classes.  You can’t teach group fitness full time.  I know, I’ve tried it.  This is not about being a personal trainer who happens to be a nurse. 
If you work on the floor of a gym or club; you’ll make $9.00-$12.00/hr.  You can make more as a personal trainer; but you’ll need to market yourself as a Fitness Nurse in a way as to demand the fees you deserve.  If you put in 3 hours of work for the ‘personal’ piece in personal training for one client; but you charge $60.00 for the hour…you’ve made just $15.00/hr before other expenses like gas and tolls and taxes.  Yes taxes!  We’ll discuss this during the training calls.

These teleconference FN business trainings, brought to you by Fitness Nursing U, is about stressing your skills as a nurse and how those skills put you in another category when helping patients/clients through fitness.  We need to support one another and let our healthcare professionals know we are here and find our place in the enormous ‘sickness’, prevention, health and fitness market. 
We aren’t trying to compete with personal trainers…frankly, they don’t have the best reputations.  We’re different.  Most personal trainers would shy away from a client with a bag of medications.  But docs that I have talked to about fitness nursing say, great idea…somewhere I can send my patients…HMMM?
On Monday afternoon’s call 1/11/10, when you call in, you’ll discover:

  • How to define yourself as a Fitness Nurse in 30 seconds or less
  • How to maintain a nurses’ rate when making the transition from a traditional healthcare setting to a health and fitness setting. If you want to work in a wellness center or gym you must market yourself as a fitness nurse to the gym members.  We will discuss why and how to do this.
  • Discover how to determine your target prospect.  How to combine & market your nursing skills and your love for fitness.
  • What’s a “Gigger”?  Highlighted on World News Tonight.  The new way of working.  Don’t knock it till you try it.  Creativity is the wave of working in the future.  Especially, if you are not finding the employment that you want.  25 years and a gold watch are over.
  • Also information on becoming a Certified Fitness Nurse
  • Networking with other nurses who want to explore fitness nursing. 
  • Great resources, websites will be given out. 

This teleconference (training #1 only) will be repeated and recorded at 6pm, same day, 1/11/10, Monday, on blog talk radio.  You can read more about it HERE.  You will be able to listen to the recording at your leisure once this recording posts on blog talk radio.

  1. Training #1 see above 1/11/10  Please call (760) 569-9000, access code 623104# for the following trainings:
  2. 1/12/10, at 8pm EST – How to become an expert (the ‘go-to’ person) and position yourself in the healthcare & fitness industries.
  3. 1/13/10, at 8pm EST – Once you find your target prospect, where should I work?  Gym, hospital wellness centers, etc.  Should I work for myself?  Private, group, bootcamps. Price/taxes, series, legal aspects. (alternative specialities)
  4. 1/14/10, at 1pm EST – How to market yourself as a fitness nurse, not a personal trainer who happens to be a nurse.  Get paid for your specialized training.  Joint ventures and referrals.  Marketing tips on how to leave a phone message to the all important follow-up.
  5. 1/15/10, at 8pm EST – How to write your story and create rapport & credibility with your target prospects.  Highlight your strong points.  Separate yourself from your competition by your story and your compassion.
  6. 1/16/10, at 8pm EST – How to create value in your service and pricing.  Weight management? Free speaking?  Tele-conferences?  Coaching?  Specialty bootcamps?  Think like an entreprenuer; not an employee.
  7. 1/17/10, at 8pm EST – How to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, especially physicians.  Creating websites.  FREE websites, which ones?
  8. 1/18/10, at 8pm EST – How to utilize the internet to create websites continued, e-mail marketing, blogs, e-books, info-products (CD’s , DVD’s), membership websites, affiliate marketing, social media, etc.  And much, much more!

Please join our meet-up at even if you are not local.  We will still get you access to the meetup/meeting information.  In February, we will feature “The Fitness Nursing Show” every 3rd Saturday at 2pm on blog talk radio to highlight the meetup meetings.  You will be able to listen to these recordings of the summations of the Fitness Nursing Meetups. 

This is so exciting all for of us! We are leading the way to getting the field of fitness nursing out there to the many people who need it and who want it.  Certified Fitness Nursing Course coming soon!

See you on the call!
Yours in Fitness & Nursing,

Lori (a.k.a. Minky)
(732) 361-6779 home office


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  1. Jacquelyn Hedman

    The training talks are worth listening to, I’m getting really good information to take to the community. The tips I’ve received so far will help on this first speaking engagement coming up on Thursday. Thanks again!


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