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Your Mess is Your Message

Do you have a favorite guru who’s message you know before you even listen to them?

I know I do.  Tony Robbins lived in a one-room apartment and ate condiment sandwiches before he found his way. 
My beloved mother and retired RN, dropped dead on a treadmill before I realized that she was malnourished and exercised incorrectly.  The research I did after her untimely death ‘opened’ my eyes, my mind, my thoughts and my heart.

I was listening to a tele-seminar on intellectual property.  The speaker mentioned the adage, “Your mess is your message”.  It was a great informational seminar about creating your story and applying it to your target prospects.  It creates rapport and credibility. is a great site.  You can create an expert page there.

Your mess is a great story.  You can edit it to make it marketable to your target prospects.  As nurses you have great stories.  Pick one that resonates with your target audience.

Beginning January 11, 2010, tele-talks on the following subjects for FREE everyday for 8 days straight.  Times to soon to posted, most in the evening.  They will be offered free for that 8 days.  After that time they will be available for a fee.  Check your e-mail!  Get your career in gear for the New Year!  Here’s an example of what will be discussed:

The fitness nurse, discovers how:

  • to organize your nursing knowledge to meet your fitness niche 
  • to find your target prospect and how to solve their problem
  • to get paid as a nurse with specialized nursing training and specialized fitness training
  • to become an expert; should you get certified?  Which one?  How to decide
  • to create value in your service
  • to tell your story that creates rapport with your target prospect
  • to position yourself in the health maintenance and health improvement market
  • and much more!  
  • Call in beginning January 11th at:
    New Number: (712) 432-0180
    Access code:  623104#
    January 11th – January 18th, 2010
    Times TBA, check e-mail from


Happy Holidays to you all!  I am away this weekend teaching/training others to become Personal Fitness Trainers in a weekend course.  Thank goodness I realize that there are so many people who need help with their health & weight; I have every reason to help you help them any way I can.
Lori (a.k.a Minky)
(732) 361-6779 home office

About fitnessnurse

President & Founder, and Creator of Certified Fitness Nurse Academy, Paleo Fitness Nurse

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  1. I am also looking forward to the information in January. I recently got certified in a fitness program to help people who struggle with Arthritis and Osteoporosis/fall prevention. I am also in the beginning stages of starting a small one person business promoting this exercise program, for this type of exercise. I have given this information to a friend of mine who is an RN/personal trainer. She is also very interested in this information on being a fitness nurse.


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